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Hi, we're 1 DOG Ventures also known as Clay, Kyli, Clayton, and Cuy Lamar. We're a family farm and Georgia's first citrus-only commercial tree nursery and grove management company.


Our family has been in agriculture in Mitchell County, Georgia for the past 70 years. Clay started row cropping with his father back when he was in high school, and for many years, their main crop was tobacco. After the tobacco buy out in the early 2000s, he was searching for something to fill that void and stumbled upon citrus. A self-avowed citrus student, he's been all over from Florida to California to Australia to learn about commercial citrus.


In 2015, he met Dr. Wayne Hanna and learned about his work with cold hardy citrus with the University of Georgia (Go dawgs!) in Tifton, and a seed was planted. He started the process of retrofitting the old tobacco greenhouse to grow citrus rootstock. Ultimately in 2017, 1 DOG Ventures exclusively licensed the three new cold-tolerant citrus cultivars (Sweet Frost tangerine, Grand Frost lemon, and Pink Frost grapefruit) that Dr. Hanna developed. 2018 was the year that we really started selling on a commercial scale. We continue to do everything we can to grow the best cold hardy, commercial citrus tree available. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and supporting us! We hope our growth will continue to lift up others as well!

In 2022, we opened up our sister nursery, Florida Line Nursery, in Monticello, FL so that we could offer the same trees to Florida growers.

In 2023, we'll start our newest venture by growing high quality shelled peas and produce!

People often ask about the name 1 DOG Ventures, wondering if we raise dogs or have a family pet that we just really love. We laugh and respond that the name 1 DOG came about because it’s God first spelled backwards, and that’s a daily reminder of how we want to live our lives and run our business. We strive to put God first in everything we do.

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